Gene Bertoncini, a master guitarist, retains the individual spirit of every song he plays on this sparkling solo recital while imbuing each with his own style rooted in melodic invention and harmonic nuance.

Jazz Station - Arnaldo DeSouteiro's Blog  CD of the Month (New) - "Gene Bertoncini & Mike Mainieri: Reunion"


Gene Bertoncini: The Jazz-Bossa-Classical Connection

Profile of veteran jazz guitarist


Gene's long awaited  Educational and Performance DVD
is now available.
Gene also performs on a new 
cd release: Just Above A Whisper  with vocalist Janet Planet and  Pianist John Harmon.

Gene makes it to cover of 20th Century
Guitar Magazine 

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The Gazett Montreal) 

Rating 4 Gene Bertoncini: Quiet Now (Ambient Records). Acoustic jazz guitar does not get any better then these 41 minutes with Gene Bertoncini.

A pristine recording, including Lush Life combined with Isfahan, Giant Steps tied to On a Misty Night, and Waltz for Debbie tagged to Very Early.  Irwin Block


Richard Termine for The New York Times

Gene Bertoncini at Le Madeleine on Monday night.
Published: March 5, 2008

Sundays and Mondays for the last 18 years at Le Madeleine, the Manhattan bistro on 43rd Street near Ninth Avenue, Gene Bertoncini has sat by the window and played his nylon-string guitar at a volume that does not cast a shadow over the skate wings and lamb-shank pasta.

These gigs blur the line between performance and background music. A few come especially to hear him; there they are every week, rapt at the closest tables. Musician friends might drop by and ignore the fourth wall, talking to him between songs, or sing something with his accompaniment after they’ve settled up. The rest of the diners are there just to eat.

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Gene Bertoncini: Architect of the Guitar 
By Dr. Judith Schlesinger 
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The Washington Post
Bertoncini, Getting into the Swing at Blues Alley
Wednesday, November 23, 2005; Page C12
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                            This is truly an amazing DVD 



 This Stereo Hybrid SACD/CD represents the latest in a series of solo nylon string guitar recordings by an artist at the peak of his powers. 

I'm asked all the time, "Does Gene give private lessons?" "I heard that Gene performs every week in New York. Where?" "How do I book Gene for a concert in my town?"
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David R. Adler: "There aren't a great many exponents of nylon-string acoustic jazz guitar, but Gene Bertoncini, one of the true masters, belongs near the top of the list. On this exquisite solo album, the veteran guitarist is recorded via a technology called Direct Stream Digital. Without going into cumbersome details, what this means is unparalleled sound quality, giving a glass-like sheen to Bertoncini's musical thoughts."



Gene, who plays all acoustic on this studio session, likes to enrich pieces with resonate inner voicings and pinging contrapuntal lines, executing textured cords and pristine lines with such classical finesse that he has been called " the Jazz Segovia" after the legendary classical Spanish guitarist, Andres Segovia

NEW YORK CITY, March 2005 - "Quiet Now" the new SACD by guitar virtuoso Gene Bertoncini is released on Ambient Records.

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Acoustic Romance
Gene Bertoncini Guitar, Akira Tana Drums; Rufus Reid Bass




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